LIFE in the 23rd Century

LIFE in the 23rd Century is my second novel. If Mating Rituals was Licensed to Ill, LIFE is Paul's Boutique. Sample-heavy (tons of inside jokes and references), political absurdity and satire. I started writing the book shortly after 9/11 when President Cheney told us that we either agreed with him or we were terrorists. When Freedom Fries were all the rage. When you weren't a "Patriot" if you didn't have a commemorative magnet on your rear bumper. When I wrote the book, I was taking things from the news and enhancing them 300%. That's all fiction is, reality turned all the way up. In the book you'll find fake news, spurious terrorist attacks to forward America's agenda, a giant wall around our borders, a billionaire in the White House, loyalty oaths to America via compulsory "Patriotism Audits." So, in no way, shape, or form like America in 2017. There's also a mandatory cavity search when you clock into work every morning. We aren't there yet, but soon.

It's good fun. But don't take my word for it. Here's what some really fancy book reviewers have said about LIFE in the 23rd Century:

A laudable sci-fi yarn that’s both irreverent and relevant. -- Kirkus Reviews

The writing is evocative, and at times it reads like poetry. There is a stream of consciousness that powerfully translates the general malaise and the tension that are characteristic of the setting. This is a book that will appeal to the fans of crime fiction and sci-fi. -- Manhattan Book Review

L.I.F.E. in the 23rd Century is certainly a truthful, but terrifying, look into the fear and paranoia that America and every country on this planet faces on a daily basis in today’s climate and war on terror. This book is very well written, and the protagonist’s first-person story telling helps the reader to follow the fast paced story. -- San Francisco Book Review

Richter’s fable is laugh-out-loud funny, but the humor is more like a hot stick in the eye than slapstick. Satire that cuts this close to the bone should carry a warning sticker. -- Rabbit Hole Reviews

There you have it. Pick it up on Amazon. It's what all good patriots are doing.